Best Projectors Under Rs 30000 rupeess for Home

Best Projectors Under 30,000 For Home in India 2022(June)

The trend of home theaters has been one thing that never went down. Are you the one who feels lazy to step out to enjoy the weekend? Have you been too occupied with work with no time to enjoy around?

If you already have felt the urge to break down on the next Sunday movie plan, then we welcome you here. This article is all about finding the best projectors to skip pricey movie tickets. The best thing about buying a projector is the comfort of watching anything at home. 

Why invest in Projectors?

Projectors are a useful device for cinema lovers. The comfort to lie on the sofa with freshly baked popcorn feels so good. Also, when projectors have 4K support, it is worth a single penny. The 4k is a high resolution to offer top quality images. 

Unlike tv, the projectors are the best budget buy option with a rare 4K. The modern versions have systems that ensure no extra cost. That also, at the cost of being under budget. 

The right frames, better color, more clarity, and best size selection need a tiring effort. All the claims made by the companies can lead you in a confused state. 

Top 10 Best Projectors Under Rs. 30000 for Home Theater in India 2022

We have teamed up the list of best projectors under 25,000 and the best projectors under 30,000 in India 2022. 

XElectron SM86+W

The best projectors under 25,000 generally slope down in quality. However, this is super reliable and has tested features to stand out.  

Projector Features:

The feature to support 4K resolution is perfect for movies. The 1080 pixels are hard to see with such image clarity. 

The image size can go down to 34 inches with a 180-inch standard size. 

The projector offers a full-color image with 16.7 million colors to pass out dull ones. 

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The distance of 1.5-4.5 meters from the screen is good to widen the screen.

The keystone feature on the front side is an easy-to-slide panel. With +/- 15 degree correction, it can adjust the screen size to a square shape. 

To allow more space for an audience, it supports front/rear projection. 

Overall design

The front panel has a lens with zoom and shift slides. Also, the sensor panel on the right is smooth to control with remote keys. 

XElectron is by far the best home theater projector in design. The thick plastic protects the device from tear issues. 

The side panels have windows to blow out hot air filled inside. 

On the back, it has an on/off feature with connectivity ports. The strong suction cups at the bottom hold the device firmly. 

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LED Lamp

The LED lamp offers 5000 Lumens brightness to enhance image clarity. Also, the need for a room with good light is less here. 

With 2200:1 contrast ratio, this can achieve light levels with no black spots. For movie lovers, this feature gives real cinema impact.

The lamp is durable for 50,000 hours use. It means that it does not stop at all(4 hours/day).

Available Ports

The XElectron SM86+W can wire with HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV ports. 

With the Android 6.0 system, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, one can access all the media apps. 

This is a budget buy option for PlayStation games. One can plug in a Roku stick, Fire Tv, Amazon, Xbox, etc. 

XElectron SM86+W Pros and Cons

✅Built-in speakers
✅2 years on-site warranty
✅Supports 4k resolution
✅Full technical support

❌ HDMI cable not included

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The best projectors under 25,000 generally slope down in quality. However, this is super reliable and has tested features to stand out.  

The WZATCO S2 is a basic version that falls under the best projector under 25000. The S2 model has cool features to win the race. 

Projector Features

This S2 model is the first brand to offer an 8-Digi IPS(In-plane switching) LCD panel. The IPS display shares high resolution with better viewing angles. 

The +-50 degrees keystone feature can be used with remote control keys. 

The 45-300 inch screen size can be set up as per the location. This is a useful option if the projector is installed against the wall. 

The IPS technology with high resolution(1920×1080) shifts all attention to the screen.

It is the best home cinema projector to offer high resolution.

The touch of rich colors with more than 75% color modes give in-detail images. 

Overall design

This small projector is a Full HD with a 6-inch LCD. The white color projector has soft edges to give your interior a new look. 

On the front, it has a round LED lens with a lens shift option. The side panels have air windows to cool the system.

It features different ports on the back to support many devices.

LED Lamp

The S2 model uses an LED lamp to light the screen. The 5500 Lumens brightness restricts the use of outside light. 

With a 5500:1 contrast ratio, buyers can make up for dark and bright colors. The focus on contrast gives a true to life picture. 

The 30,000 hours lamp life shares a trust among the buyers. Available ports

The VGA, USB, audio, HDMI ports on the back ensure safe data transfer. 

It can plug in Amazon stick, Xbox, DVD, USB, phone, and laptop, etc. The feature to stream any content with a USB card can attract buyers. 

The S2 version of the model supports all types of audio files. Also, dual in-built speakers have smart technology with no echo sound. 

WZATCO S2 Pros and Cons

✅Support 4D
✅IPS technology
✅Inbuilt speakers
✅Supports audio file

❌No wireless connection
❌No android support

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Apeman LC350

The Apeman is not just a brand but a step towards better display technology. The brand falls under the category of best projectors under 25,000. 

Projector Features

The projector has a Full HD resolution with 1080 pixels support. This is the best home cinema projector with high resolution. 

You can set up to 180-inch screen size based on the room size. The choice of screen size depends on the type of content used. 

The 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen creates a widescreen format. 

Overall Design

This one is a light in weight to carry easily. The white color enhances the beauty with a touch of grey shade.

On the top, one can press buttons to control the device. The front side carries a lens to shine a light on the screen.

The windows made on both sides are helpful to get a heat-free device. 

Light source

The LC350 has an LED lamp with 3800 lumens of bright light. 

The lamp has a focus to display fine details at ease. It does not cause any dim image as it has 45,000 hours of life.

The 2000:1 contrast ratio helps to create the true colors of the image. 

However, the Apeman model needs a dark room to get the best results. 

Available Ports

One can easily enjoy every bit of using this projector with multiple ports on the back. 

HDMI, VGA, TF, USB, TV box, etc. are some of the main ports to stream any content. 

The USB port can support a USB drive. It cannot support any data transfer by wire. 

The android, iPhone, and laptop devices support only HDMI cable.  

Apeman LC350 Pros and Cons

✅Precise image
✅Easy to carry
 ✅Dual built-in speakers
✅Multimedia option

❌Not for office use
❌USB port support only USB flash drive

Viewzone V6

The Viewzone V6 is the best home theater projector. The device can operate on Wifi and youtube with its smart LED LCD technology. 

Projector Features

The back-projection mode clears up the room for more people to move. A keystone feature is available on remote to adjust the screen size. 

The Full HD resolution(1920×1080) makes images appear sharp. The 3D effect of the images can make one seem lost. 

The distance of 1.4 meters from the screen allows the screen to match up with the audience. 

The screen size of 40-400 inches can be taken to view large media files.

Being the best projector under 25,000, this one is also in budget. 

Overall Design

The quality has a great share in making this piece look extraordinary.

The white color shade looks even and bright for a smart look. The black buttons on top stay flat with no pop-up sound. 

The design on the side makes way for the hot air to pass out. The low-noise fans inside are useful for a long year. 

Light source

The LED light source has a strong fall to create a long-lasting impact. 

The LED boasts 3000-4000 lumens to allow users to see a bright change.

The LED lamp is durable to extend beyond 50,000 hours. With 3000:1, 6000:1 maximum contrast ratio, one can easily detect a change in colors. 

The colors on the screen stay true to the image with no black to off-set the screen. 

Available Ports

With USB, AV, VGA, and HDMI ports, one can now enjoy the multimedia content. 

The device supports phones, laptops, TV sticks, etc. It is easy to install against any type of wall. 

Viewzone V6 Pros and Cons

✅Multi-media system
✅Support any audio/video files
✅3D support

❌Only back projection

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Play MP-1 Smart Wi-Fi

The Play series has been a known brand in the Indian market. The Play brand has moved forward to bring the best projectors under 25,000. 

Projector Features

The 150-inch screen of this projector goes well making it the best home cinema projector. The rich screen size can be set to 40-400 inches as per the room. 

The back-projection mode makes room for more space. The 16:9 aspect ratio is a benefit for users with love for wide screen size. 

The gap of 1.4 meters from the screen allows a perfect angle of view. 

Overall Design

The design of the MP-1 model can excite buyers to look into its features. The white color model has a square shape with curved edges. 

The grey shade on top has a metallic effect to be used for long hours. The front captures a bright lens with a sensor to control the functions. 

The air ventilation system is a smart move to put out unhealthy air. 

Light source

The LED light source can spread 3000-4000 lumen light. With more than 50,000 hours of life, one can trust its long-term use benefit. 

The contrast of 6000:1 is a high ratio in a small budget. It helps to bring out the best image colors. 

The color effects on the screen do not mix with the black spots. It supports a fully clean look to enjoy every show or movie. 

Available Ports

The ports available are USB, AV, VGA, and HDMI. Users can use a USB port for a USB disk or phone. The other HDMI port can be used for TV, Laptop, 360Xbox, etc. 

Even the option to plug in a laptop and SD card with HDMI cable can be considered. 

Play MP-1 Smart Wi-Fi Pros and Cons

✅Good throw ratio
✅Supports any file
✅1-year warranty
✅Built-in WiFi

❌No Bluetooth

BenQ MS 527-P

BenQ is the best projector under 30,000 to focus on quality. The DLP projector by the brand will surely turn heads. 

Projector Features

The projector supports SVGA(800×600) resolution. Being a low resolution, the image clarity still looks real and clean. 

The Blu-Ray player supports 3D movies for the best home cinema projector. 

The smart eco mode function will help you raise the sharp features of the image. One can view even the tiny details with this feature. 

Also, the eco blank mode feature is a good option when the device is not in use. 

Overall Design

The design of the product has a glossy white color with black buttons. 

The top panel holds buttons that stick to the quality. 

The SVGA projector has a brand logo on the front with a lens. The side parts have windows to ventilate air. 

On the back, one can see the ports for connectivity. The bottom carries strong feet to hold the device tight. 

Light source

The LED lamp throws bright rays to provide the best images. With 10,000 hours of lamp life, this one stays true to its power. 

The model is built with the purpose to save more power even at best use. 

The lamplight may cause more heat to build up. The lamp saves mode feature helps to adjust the lamp power. 

This allows for using light as much as needed. The technology improves the overall contrast ratio as well. 

Available ports

The ports available are HDMI, USB, and VGA. 

The HDMI port available can follow both audio and video format. 

Also, the HDMI port can be used to connect a set-top box, DVD player, etc. 

BenQ MS 527-P Pros and Cons

✅Smart design
✅Lamp save mode
✅Supports 3D
✅Light in weight
✅DLP projector

❌Low resolution
❌No Wi-Fi

T Topvision 2400 Lux Mini Projector

The reason for listing this is not just the quality but the demand. One can keep a blind trust in this small projector under 30,000. 

Projector Features

This is the best home theater projector with a 176-inch large screen. 

The high resolution of 1080 pixels on the screen can make any image look sharp. 

The rich colors on-screen help buyers look into the deeper effect of the image. 

Even if one feels the need to get a perfect size, the keystone feature is of great help. 

The 16:10 aspect ratio is the ratio of width as to height. The screen size is one important feature to get a feel of perfect quality. 

Overall Design

The shiny surface of this device looks classic from all angles. 

The front and top have a brand logo and some buttons to command each feature. 

The front has an LED lens with a sensor chip. The side parts help to cool down the heat. 

Some ports can be seen from behind with strong cups at the bottom. 

Light source

The LED lamp is useful to light up the screen with 2400 lumen brightness. 

The colors shown on the screen are true and rich in the definition. 

The LED stands a chance to run for 50,000 hours without error. 

Available Ports

This projector supports almost any device with available ports like AV, audio, USB, HDMI, VGA, SD card, etc. 

These ports are easy to connect with Laptop, Mobile, Tv box, Fire Tv, USB disk, Chromecast, etc.

T Topvision 2400 Lux Pros and Cons

✔️Multimedia system
✔️Perfect budget option
✔️Easy to carry
✔️Android version

❌No Bluetooth
❌No wireless system

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ViewSonic PA-503S

The ViewSonic brand has been a name for selling projectors under 30,000 services. With the PA-503S model, one can relate to its reliability. 

Projector features

The DLP projector runs on SVGA(Super video graphics Array) resolution. 

Being a low resolution(800×600), the machine still is efficient at such cost. 

The 5 color mode feature allows the comfort to adjust 1.07 billion colors. Even if the machine is 15 feet 8 inches far, the colors remain true to the view. 

The size can be set to 30-300 inches based on the room size and content. 

Overall Design

The model has been built with rich plastic material. 

The front panel with the lens has focus and zoom features. With an air window, there is a space for hot air to blow out. 

The top surface has soft buttons with the brand logo on its left. 

Even the ports like HDMI, VGA, RS232, audio/video, USB mini can be seen behind. 

Light source

The model uses LED light to give clear and bright quality images. With 3600 lumens, the super eco mode helps to save the power of 190 watts. 

The contrast ratio of 22000:1 helps users to see the change of white and black to an extent. 

Available ports

The ViewSonic model supports most media players that a user wishes to see. 

It can connect to Phones, Laptops, Macbook, etc. With inputs like HDMI, VGA, etc, there are good options to choose any media. 

ViewSonic PA-503S Pros and Cons

✔️Multi-media system
✔️Battery operated
✔️3D support
✔️Best color output

❌No Bluetooth
❌No wi-fi

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Asus S1 LED Projector

Asus is an old brand with a team of experts. The S1 model is the best projector under 30,000. 

Projector Features

This portable device has DLP technology. The native(854×480) resolution clears out pixels in an image. 

On top of that, it can show a 41-inch size at 1-meter distance. Even if one intends to change the screen size, 41-400 inches can be set in low light conditions. 

The in-built battery is 2 times stronger than the one used in phones. It runs 6 hours to ensure the best use of each function. 

With a short throw, the distance from the screen is close enough to stop shadows. 

Overall Design

The design and material of this model make this win in quality. 

This pocket-size device lets users feel free to enjoy the weekend at any place. 

The metal body makes this one a glossy piece with label on front. Also, the lens on the front has a focus bar to adjust the light. 

The buttons on top are quick to respond to the user’s command. The back of the projector has ports for HDMI, MHL, power bank, DC input power, etc. 

Light source

The LED lamp throws light of 200 Lumens. Even at regular use, the lamp can work for 30,000 hours. 

The colors shown on the screen look true to life. The quality of the images looks clear with no dull colors. 

Available ports

The HDMI and MHL are used to connect any type of device. And the USB port is used as a charging point. 

Asus S1 LED Projector Pros and Cons

✔️Super quick buttons
✔️Short throw 
✔️More colors

❌Low resolution

BenQ MS 535-P Projector

The BenQ projectors are high in demand because they are strong and flexible. The best projectors under 30,000 should have this one on top.

Projector Features

The DLP projector has a high-end SVGA resolution with the best graphics. The screen size of 4:3 makes the content stand out. 

Even at a 10 feet distance, users can easily connect to top-notch images. The images with this device are more clear and to the point. 

The long-throw feature helps to create space for another important add-on for setup. Also, the keystone bar is the right fit for an even size screen. 

Overall Design

This one by BenQ is a bit high priced among the ones on the list. The classic design has a stylish touch with durable plastic. 

The front and top sections carry a brand logo, buttons, and labels to help users identify it. 

The lens focus and side windows are good to keep the projector cool from its heat. 

Light Source

The LED lamp provides 3600 bright rays for the best focus on an image. 

It is the best home theater projector with 15,000 hours of lamp life. 

The contrast feature with a 15000:1 ratio makes space for the best color clarity. 

The smart eco-technology is a great move to dim the high power use of a lamp. 

Available ports

The ports like HDMI, VGA, RCA, audio, power, USB B, etc. support multi-media players. 

The HDMI port has both audio and video support to make it a multiple platform use. 

BenQ MS 535-P Projector Pros and Cons

✔️Best home cinema projector
✔️Metal body
✔️Smart eco mode

Conclusion: Best 3 Home Projectors Under 30000

The best projectors under 25,000 are a good option for budget buyers. Also, the best projectors under 30,000 stand out from the crowd. 

Most of them support high-resolution pictures with fine details. The 4K support with 3D features makes them the best home cinema projectors.

Although, the room setup and content is the most important factor. 

We would recommend XElectron SM86+W projector for the best experience. This one is built with the purpose of home cinema and offers 4K support.

Even the Play MP-1 deserves a thumbs up for the added features. The strength of built-in Wi-Fi with a good contrast ratio is difficult to achieve. 

T Topvision is also great with the android version. The focus on colors, sound effects, and clarity are unique. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Home Projector for Theater Under Rs. 20000 – 30000

  • Which budget projector should I buy for a home theater?

XElectron SM86+W is the best budget buy option. This projector has 5000 lumens brightness with a 2200:1 contrast ratio. 

The high-end resolution with 4K support makes users view the stunning picture quality. 

  • How does a projector work?

The projector uses data from a phone or laptop through the matching ports. This data works with the type of technology used in the projector. 

For Example, for DLP projectors, a single or three-chip is used. A color wheel with 3 basic colors is then used to form light. This light gets visible on screen to view clear and sharp images. 

For LED and LCoS projectors, both use the same process. Lamplight is used to throw light on the screen. This light passes through a series of circles to make a full-color image. 

  • Which brand projector is best in India?

There are a bunch of options for the best brand projector in India:

  1. XElectron – Best in Price
  2. Asus S1 – Best in weight
  3. Viewzone V6 – Best for 3D movies
  4. Play MP-1 – Best in color quality
  5. BenQ MS 535-P – Overall Best
  • What are a short throw and long throw projector?

Most of the projectors have a throw ratio given in the details. 

The throw ratio is a ratio as to the distance of the projector from the screen.

For Example: If the throw ratio is 4:1, it means that the projector distance should be 4 feet from the screen(based on screen size).

This ratio is useful to make the screen wide for more clarity. The short-throw projector is best for home use. 

  • How to install the projector?

The projectors can be used on the floor, on the table, against the wall, or even on the wall. 

To get the quality pictures:

  • Place the screen on the wall with no direct light. 
  • Get the screen size right to match with the image size.
  • Keep a check on distance by throw ratio.
  • Adjust the keystone to match the image as per the screen height. 
  • Place the projector as per the need.

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