Best Projectors for Home Reviews in India

15 Best Projectors For Home Theater in India 2022(September)

If you compare a 4k Tv with a projector, you are likely to pick up a Tv. That is because the reality seems far better than the illusion. But if you choose to opt for the best projectors for home theater, then this is the article for you.

Projectors are devices with the same features as that of a smart Tv. The only difference lies in comfort with advanced features. Unlike Tv, it lets you connect with different sources without being pushy on price. 

The light of tv may harm your eyes but the light by a projector has no side-effects. The best home theatre projector needs a detailed study to get the best results.

Top 15 Best Projectors for Home Theatre Under 70,000 in India 2022 are:

With many brands arriving, one needs a close look to pick one best home projector. Have a look at some of our pickups of the best home cinema projectors.

Play 3D 6000 Lumens PP 06 Full HD Projector

The Play brand has come up with the series PP-06 to let users have the best experience. 

The PP-06 model is a silver box with an in-depth label. The front houses an LED lens with a focus and zoom bar at the top. 

One can see all the commands neatly laid on the top with an air-control system on both sides. 

There are ports to connect multiple devices with a label on each one. 

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This is a Full HD projector with DLP technology to make images look accurate. It has a contrast of 20,000:1 where blacks and whites appear more in line with a light of 6000 lumens. 

Play 3D 6000 Lumens PP 06 Full HD Projector Pros and Cons

✓  Multiple connections

✓  Wireless 

✓  High resolution

✖️No battery

The colors of this projector look deep and clear to enhance the overall quality. The bright images make it a suitable buy to use in the day time. 

The projector can display 20-500 inch images depending on the distance. 

With an in-built auto keystone, one can view the screen in a square shape. This allows for the best movie experience without moving the device. 

The features like 4K support, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, android 4.4 version, etc. help you connect your phones too. 

The model has ports of AV, HDMI, USB 3.0/2.0, micro SD, audio 5.1. This allows users to connect any device with the same port. 

All these features make it the best choice for a projector under 15000 in India.

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Merlin Digital LED Projector

Merlin Digital offers the best home cinema projector to grace your living space. 

The device has a sleek design to count this in the best home projectors. The rich plastic wear of this projector can live for years without a compromise. 

Being on the best budget, the projector supports multimedia. The smart touch panel with a mouse pad on top adds to simplify the experience. 

The LED lamp on the front has 2000 lumens. In economy mode, the lamp works for a few more hours. 

To get the best image contrast of 1000:1, you should have a dark room. 

The colors look richer and sharper on this projector to keep eyes focused on the screen.  

Being a WXGA resolution, the device has a focus on the tiny details to the core. LED technology makes it easy to enlarge the screen up to 150 inches. 

Merlin Digital LED Projector Pros and Cons

Multiple connections

✓Inbuilt battery

✓Smart touch panel

✓Built-in Bluetooth

✖️Weak sound system

The in-built battery helps to enjoy more screen time for hours. 

Even the features like focus and zoom slider, auto keystone, airplay, and miracast, etc. share great support. 

These options will help you adjust the screen size to get the perfect screen view. 

The inputs like HDMI/MHL, AV, USB 3.0, micro SD on the back lets you connect any device. 

This can support Game Consoles, Amazon Fire Stick, Tv Stick, and USB Flash Drive. 

Epson EB-U05 Projector

The Epson EB-U05 is a must-have best home theater projector. Its features besides the unique design are all set to space your home.

The Full HD resolution projector has a white surface with a focus on a classic design. 

This device is light in weight and quite easy to set up. Being a high density LED lamp, the white rays form 3400 lumens. The bright colors look perfect even with lights on. 

Buyers can feel free to cut lamp replacement costs as this one works for 10,000 hours(on eco-mode). 

Also, the 15000:1 contrast makes images appear true to the colors. The 3 times wider color scale makes images look sharp without appearing washed off. 

For the best screen size, you can raise it to 300 inches without a twist. 

The widescreen can be seen at a distance of at least 13 feet. 

The 3LCD technology used makes it clear how efficient the device is. 

Features like iProjection App controls all the commands of the user. With this app, users can connect any file from their phones to get the content on a big screen. 

On the back, ports available are USB-A(wifi), USB-B(video), audio, computer, HDMI 1, HDMI 2/MHL. 

Epson EB-U05 Pros and Cons

iProjection App

✓Wireless system

✓Supports Fire TV stick 

✖️No audio output

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Epson EH-TW 650 

Epson EH-TW 650 brings another model for a smooth shift to widescreen. 

The white shade of the projector has decent buttons for a quick response. 

The Full HD projector has built-in Wi-Fi with 3LCD technology. The preset options relate to all your needs, making it the best home projector. 

In terms of a light source, it uses LED lamps with 3100 lumens. The bright light on the screen helps images look sharp even in rooms with light. 

With 7500 hours of lamp life, the makers care about power savings. 

The images look bold and real with a contrast of 15,000:1. With deep colors, the screen looks correct to each color tone. 

In terms of screen size and distance, the screen can get as high as 300 inches. The large screen size brings clarity even at a length. 

In-built features like iProjection app, auto keystone, split-screen make this one the best home cinema projector. 

The split-screen mode helps if you intend to use 2 apps at the same time. 

The back portion of the projector owns connectivity ports. With 2 HDMI ports, any device with the same port is easy to connect. 

The remote control inside the box is quite handy to minimize the use of hands. The remote is easy to adapt to the IR receiver at the back of the projector. 

The IR receiver allows comfort to use the remote without placing it nearby. 

Epson EH-TW 650 Pros and Cons

✓  Built-in wifi and Bluetooth

✓  Preset options

✓  IR receiver

✓  Amazon Fire Tv Stick

✖️No audio output

✖️No backlit remote

BenQ MH 550 Business Projector

The BenQ MH550 is among the best home projector that feeds life to images. 

This model by BenQ is the best home cinema projector to support DLP technology. 

Full HD resolution helps to clear the blurred vision. Also, all the small details on the screen look razor-sharp. 

In-built technology like SmartEco can save your money on monthly costs. The lamp power gets reduced by 50% to run for 15,000 hours.

The 3500 lumens light on the screen looks great in daylight. 

For better color output, this projector has a focus on 20,000:1 contrast. Users can easily find a change in dark and bright areas. 

One can get a 100-inch screen at 13 feet distance to get the best view. 

With dual HDMI, dual VGA, PC-I, RS-232, USB mini-B, you can safely connect any device. 

BenQ MH 550 Business Projector Pros and Cons

✓In-built speakers

✓Best image quality

✓3D movie feature

✓Lamp saver mode


✖️No Bluetooth, Wi-fi

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Boss S11A Projector

The Boss brand has been a name for ruling the technology world. 

The Full HD projector by Boss S11A is an ultimate buy in the list of best home cinema projectors. 

If you plan to carry it outdoors, then it is quite healthy for the needs.

This device has got android OS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth to look on the favorite content. 

The TFT LCD technology used ensures safe control with premium features. 

With an LED lamp, this one by Boss hits 5500 lumens. There is no need for an extra lamp as it can work for more than 50,000 hours. 

In this range, it achieves the contrast ratio of 6000:1. The black and white color change looks on the spot. 

With a mixed bag of colors, the screen looks rich with a sharp focus on each image. 

The screen can manage to reach 200-inch at a safe distance.

To get a real cinema experience, one can get a Blu-Ray player to access 3D cinema. It features a zoom and auto keystone to correct the screen size. 

In terms of connections, one can use USB 2.0, 2 HDMI ports, VGA, AV, Audio output. 

With smartphone use, you can now stream your favorite movies. Also, sources like Miracast, Tv box, Amazon Fire Stick allow users a vast choice. 

Boss S11A Projector Pros and Cons

✓3D support
✓Best for day time use
✓Light in weight
✓Supports Android OS version
✖️No short throw

BenQ MW 526 Projector

This BenQ model offers the best projector for home cinema. With top-notch features, it truly unboxes the best cinema for movie lovers. 

This device by BenQ has WXGA resolution yet runs high on clarity. With quirky details on each frame, it makes the images appear full and bright. 
The colors create a visual treat to users who prefer variety. 

The LED lamp puts 3,200 lumens for 10,000 hours. With a contrast of 13000:1, the bright and black areas flash neatly on the screen. 
Even the DLP technology used in the projector is best and worthy of home use. 

In terms of energy saving, it uses 0.5watt power in standby mode. 
BenQ MW526 has HDMI, Audio in/out, Video, Composite, Computer in/out, Monitor, and USB mini-B.

BenQ MW 526 Projector Pros and Cons

✓Long lamp life

✓Best contrast

✓3D capable

✖️No Wi-fi and Bluetooth

✖️No 4K support

iT-Hub S2 Pro Projector

The iT-Hub series are well-known brands that build products based on each need. 

The S2 Pro has some broad points to make the image look 5 times clearer. The WXGA resolution device can also play the 4K format. 

In terms of build quality, the aluminum shine on top of it makes this piece a must budget buy.
The DLP technology is 3D capable to utilise the real-time screen experience. 

The bright 5500 lumens RGB-LED lamp has 20,000 hours of life.

If we talk about colors, the contrast of 2000:1 looks stunning to spot the difference. The colors are well spread to give the best cinema-like quality. 

In terms of screen size, the throw ratio of 1.2:1 goes well with a 60-200 inch size. One can use the distance as per the room size. 

The iT-Hub S2 Pro carries an Android 6.0 version with built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth. With smart apps like E’share, users can view the mobile screen also. 

To connect devices, it supports laptops, AV media player, DTH, Amazon Fire Stick, Game Consoles, etc.

iT-Hub S2 Pro Projector Pros and Cons

✓Front and rear projection

✓Built-in apps

✓Stereo speakers

✓Multiple ports

✖️No battery back-up

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Epson EB-W05 Projector

The Epson EB-W05 is yet another brand in the list of best home theater projectors. 

This Epson model boasts a white surface made of thick plastic. The rock-like bottom stands straight to its height. 

Even the buttons and sliders on top help users deal with any new features. 

This projector has WXGA resolution but supports HDR format too. The 3LCD technology used inside offers great support to cast the best light output. 

The light source can display 3300 lumens for hours. The fine image details by this projector get a new look with 15000:1 contrast. 

The contrast ratio defines blacks and whites for the best viewing experience. With such contrast, one can view movies in the daytime also. 

You can stretch the screen size up to 320-inch. This can be done keeping in mind the room size and throw ratio. 

The ports available on the back have USB-A, USB-B, Audio in/out, Video, Computer, HDMI, and wireless LAN port.

Epson EB-W05 Pros and Cons


✓Classic design

✓Supports HDR

✖️No battery 

✖️No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

✖️Little noisy

iT-Hub K1 Smart Lite Projector

The best projectors for home theater cannot leave behind this projector. 

This one by iT-Hub is a smart lite projector with DLP technology. The quality and features relate well to add this as the best home projector. 

The shine case on top has a smart touch to control with just one finger. 

The makers have touched upon advanced features and apps too. 

All the smart versions like Android 4.4 OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth runs on 1080 pixels. 

Even the heavy content apps like Youtube, Chromecast, Netflix, Microsoft Office, etc. are preloaded in the device. 

The projector is capable to support 3D movies with 300-inch wide screen size. 

With a light output of 3000 lumens that extend for 30,000 hours and beyond, this is a great deal. 

One can view amazing color textures with a contrast of 10,000:1. There is little to no scope for dull colors even if used in some light. 

In terms of weight, this one can be carried anywhere. The in-built battery takes just 90-120 minutes of your time.

With ports like USB(2), HDMI, SD card, VGA, Audio jack, this iT-Hub device is easy to set. 

iT-Hub K1 Smart Lite Pros and Cons

✓In-built apps

✓Supports Android 4.4 OS

✓Wifi and Bluetooth

✓Smart touch panel

✓Best after-sale support

✖️No 4K support

✖️No Amazon Prime access

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Anker Nebula Apollo Projector

The Anker Nebula Apollo is the best home cinema projector. This product is a must-have for people who prefer easy-to-carry devices. 

For smart touch, the brand has added seamless keys on the top. The plastic used will live for long hours to cause no damage. 

Even the basic controls have a label to help first-time users. 

This is the best home theater projector with Full HD DLP technology. This allows the best screen view with no blurred images. 

The in-built Wi-Fi lets you play any content format in 4 hours of playtime. Even the device has in-built apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

In terms of brightness, it delivers 2000 lumens bright rays. A full darkroom is what it takes to get the best screen quality. 

To get all attention, it takes 3 meters to view a 100-inch screen. 

Also, the auto keystone feature puts down the need to relocate the device. This is a smart move to get the perfect square screen. 

To command any action, the IR remote is quite handy without moving an inch. Also, one can use Android or iOS to control it through Bluetooth Remote App. 

You can use HDMI 1.4 and USB for the best signal networks from this projector. 

Anker Nebula Apollo Pros and Cons

✓7.1 Android-based

✓Short throw

✓Small in size

✓Auto screen adjust

✖️Costly for 2000 lumens

Play MP-2A Projector

The Play brand has again marked its presence with the MP-2A series. The model is strong and flexible to be the best home theater projector. 

This claims to have the best quality in terms of its price. The material used is strong enough with no complaints of break down. 

The model brings the benefit to support the latest 6.0 Android, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0 system.

Even the ability to perform 3D movies with decent color output is not what you see often. The device is 4500 lumens bright with no outside light control. 

With a contrast of 8000:1, colors look precise as per the original tone. 

The LED technology makes images appear bold with Full HD and HDR support. If you are looking for 4K content, this one is a sure-shot deal. 

Talking about the set-up, it depends on the room size mostly. However, the screen size of 100-inch can be seen at a 2.8-meter distance. 

The projector can create a widescreen view with a 60-200 inch display. 

Connections like USB(2), HDMI(2), VGA, Ethernet, Audio out available is the main asset. 

Play MP-2A Pros and Cons

✓1-year warranty
✓Allows 4K content
✓Stereo speakers

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Epson EB-X05 Projector

When it comes to finding the best home cinema projector, Epson has an upper-hand. 

The brand never fails to achieve the best quality at a decent price. The EB-X05 model can also be known as the best budget projector. 

The design of this piece has a classic touch to have space in your living room. The buttons on top are quick to respond in time. The bottom part has strong feet to give a firm hold. 

The low resolution of XGA could be a little concern here. But, it is better than what SVGA offers. The 4:3,16:9 aspects is what makes all the difference. 

You can stream Netflix or connect Tv Xbox if you opt for this for HD movies. 

The 3LCD technology offers good colors at a sharp length. Each color will make you involved in the world of cinema. 

Rays of 3300 lumens let you enjoy the best time even in day hours. There is an economy mode that saves lamp power up to 10,000 hours. 

Also, the 15000:1 contrast will make you find a deep change in bright and dark areas. 

And the screen size can extend up to 30-300 inches as per the room size. 

Ports like USB 2.0A, USB 2.0B, VGA, HDMI input, and Audio input will help cover the best signals. 

Epson EB-X05 Pros and Cons

✓Best contrast 

✓Detailed images

✓Multiple connections

✖️Low resolution

✖️Not suitable for games

Dell P3 18S Projector

The Dell projectors occupy a rare place in the list of best home cinema projectors. But, this model will surely make you look into more than the name.

The P3 18S model gives an ultra shine look to the black body. The soft edges with double shade on the surface truly stands out. 

On the top, each button is neatly laid with the name. The side panel will adjust the airflow to protect it from over-heat. 

Being an SVGA resolution, the number of pixels is less. But, the high contrast of 10000:1 will make up for the loss. 

This piece by Dell is not going to be your priority, for obvious reasons. But, if you intend to use it for simple data, then go for it. 

After all, why invest more when you can get this piece at the best price. 

An energy-saving technology helps to increase the lamp life to 6000 hours. 

The ports on back cover HDMI and USB signals. One can use HDMI to connect laptops, Phones, Tv stick, etc. Also, a USB port is useful to connect Flash Drives. 

Dell P3 18S Pros and Cons

✓3-D capable

✓Smart eco mode

✓Ideal contrast ratio

✖️Low resolution

Sony VPL-DX221 Projector

The Sony brand has a name for making perfect electronics. This Sony projector has made it to the list of the best home theater projectors. 

The device has a white shine all over to match up to the classic design. As light as a smartphone, it does not load your pockets. 

Just a 5 seconds boot time will also allow 2-hour battery use. 

The unique point about the device is the short throw. Even being just a few inches away, the screen gets no shadows. 

3LCD bright technology makes the screen look sharp and bright in each frame. With 2800 lumens and 4000:1 contrast, the dark areas never looked so bright. 

To help users achieve full control over colors, there is a dynamic mode too. This helps you to balance color and brightness.

In terms of sound quality, this brand can create a perfect bass. 

On the back, it has HDMI/MHL ports, VGA, Audio out, and 1watt speaker to handle multiple devices at the same time. 

Sony VPL-DX221 Pros and Cons

✓Low noise 

✓Easy to carry

✓In-built battery

✓Short throw

✖️No USB ports

CONCLUSION: Best Projectors For Home Theater in India

To conclude, you can be sure that every projector on this list is a known brand. Each brand will help users leave with the best impression. 

In terms of quality, the best home theater projector has to be the Play PP-06 projector. It covers every detail to bring true images on the screen. The colors are quite lively without being too heavy on the eyes. 

In terms of quality with sale support, we can only name Epson EB-U05. The quality of this projector is rare to match even the top brands. This product has a Full HD to grab fine details. 

Even the WXGA format makes you experience a full theater system. 

If the budget is a concern, then we suggest buying an iT-Hub K1 projector. Being a less known brand, the top features may surprise the first time users. 

It has the best looks with features to die for. Not only the features, but the built-in apps will attract a lot of new buyers. This is a smart lite under 45k budget to deliver the best colors in full range. 

We hope that the article for best home theater projectors will help you find the right choice. Even for buyers with no hands-on basic projectors, this list will surely end your search.

How to Select The Best Projector for Home: Buying Guide


People generally go with the idea that the best comes at a great price. This ideology is wrong while selecting projectors.

There is no doubt that a price factor is one thing that could not be ignored. After all, an investment on a device as bulky as a projector is a one-time decision. 

In terms of price, if you are ready to spend a heavy price, go for INR 55,000-70,000 projectors. 

All the projectors in this range are well-known and smart versions to look for. 

For buyers with limited budgets, they can expect a cost of INR 30,000-55,000 to get the best colors, clarity, and perfect sound quality.  


The resolution is the number of pixels on an image. These pixels together create a full-color image on the screen. 

The high number of pixels indicates higher resolution, thereby improving clarity. The high resolution is another key point that needs all attention. 

You must have seen projectors with details like SVGA, XGA, WXGA, HDR, Full HD, and a rare 4K.


SVGA means Standard Video Graphic Array. As the name suggests, this is a standard resolution. 

XGA stands for Extended Graphics Array. The resolution covers 1024×768 pixels on an image. 

Being a slightly dense version of SVGA, it makes images appear more clear.

WXGA is an extended version of XGA. The use of the term wide is the most relevant aspect to know better. 

Unlike XGA, it uses a little more number of pixels. It adds more units of wide pixels to get sharp details.

Full HD, HDR, and 4K: 

Most of the projectors in the list have these high-resolutions. They are mostly used on Laptops, Tv, and Projectors. 

If you see such high resolution in the details, you should not worry about the clarity. 

Unlike the first category, they are more in pixels. Also, the quality they offer can make the screen look new and bold. 


The use of technology in the projector is important to find its overall effects. 

To know a projector better, the basic learning in terms of its system comes handy.

A way to know them better is to go with in-depth research: 

  1. DLP Technology: The DLP uses a color wheel to split colors on the screen. The colors look bright and real to focus more on the screen. 

However, the colors may leave a “rainbow effect”. It has no direct harm yet looks strange at times. 

The best projectors have DLP technology to display large content. If you look on a wide scale, this one has the best contrast. 

  1. LED Technology:

 LED technology is a smart add-on to the old versions used. Here, chips go through small circles to make colors on screen.

The reason they are quite popular is the color balance. Also, they are safe to not harm eyes.


The brightness plays the most important role in your screen. 

The brightness is the light rays from the projector falling on the screen. You will see them with an ANSI unit. 

ANSI is a true measure to determine how bright your device is. 

Normally, it depends on the room conditions to get a clear idea. The screen will have a perfect balance of light based on the light in a room. 

It takes 1000-1500 Lumens for basic projectors to work at its best. A low light output indicates the need to use the device in a dark room. 

Also, the 3000 or more Lumens make the screen look even at all angles. The high-end projectors with such output will work even with lights. 

Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio is the difference between bright whites and dark blacks. 

For home cinema, the contrast ratio is important for the room with no light. 

The contrast of 10,000:1 is an ideal ratio to get bigger, sharper, and crystal clear images. 

Also, for entry-level projectors, you must look for the perfect balance to enjoy screen time. 

In dark rooms, one can easily see the change in colors to experience the best cinema. 

Available ports: 

Many projectors have all types of ports that will be used often. 

Though, one should always check if the ports on the projector match with the player you connect. 

In today’s scenario, HDMI ports are mostly seen as they have better signals than VGA ports. They allow freedom to connect Laptop, Phone, Tv box, Amazon Fire Stick, Game Consoles, etc. 

Buyers should also look for USB ports as they support most of the players with no VGA/HDMI ports. 

For audio ports, check if your device has both input and output options. Without a good sound quality, you are likely to view a still screen.

Most of the projectors have in-built speakers. If you prefer high sound or bass, then look for external speakers. 

You can use Bluetooth Speakers or AV Receivers. Just make sure your device goes well with the speakers used. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Projectors for Home

  • What is a good throw ratio for projectors?

A good throw ratio depends on not just the numbers but the other aspects. For the best view, one needs to know the screen and room size. 

A typical 2:1 ratio is the best to see movies at the correct distance. 

If the screen size is 100-inch, you will need to place your device 200-inch away. 

  • What are the best cheap projectors under INR 55,000?

The projectors that fall under this category are:

  1. BenQ MH550
  2. Boss S11A
  3. BenQ MW526
  4. iT-Hub S2 Pro
  5. Epson EB-W05
  • How effective are in-built speakers?

The speakers inside a projector are good for basic content. 

Though if you are using them for presentations, then the in-built ones are the best. 

Since small audio clips or slides do not need high-quality sound. 

However, if the intent is to use it as a home theater, then one must invest in good speakers. 

  • Does the projector have in-built apps?

Yes, most of the high-quality devices feature smart apps for buyer’s comfort. 

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, or any other movie app allow users a benefit to Full HD content. 

Yet, some of them avoid using in-built apps because of low usage.

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