Best Projectors for College and School Classroom in India 2021 Reviews

7 Best Projectors For Classroom in India 2022(September)

Our life is heading to the creative world with several innovative products and technologies. Now the classes become smart enough to make creative students. Looking in that way, the most essential tool for a smart-class is a Projector. It will be helpful in teaching, and the students would be more curious about the topic. For your best smart-class, you have to fix the best projectors for a classroom. 

We are here to provide a list that describes the best projectors for a classroom. These projectors are not only for smart-classes but also to expand your entertainment levels. You can get the best projectors for home under 5,000 and the best projectors for home theatres under 20,000. You can even get many best budget projectors and best-LED projectors. Otherwise, if you want several specifications on your Projector you can go with the best projectors for a home under 30,000

Though, how do you realize about the best Projector? Thus, we have further included a buying guide and types of projectors. You will also get information about the best screen for a classroom projector and the best Projector for classroom presentation. 

Top Projectors For Classroom in India 2021

1. EG 6X Native 720P LED Projector

Best Projectors For Classroom

This LED Projector was launched last year and it has gained better user ratings. It is capable of creating a large screen of about 200 inch CinemaScope theatre at your home. Its E-Core engine uses powerful LED technology that delivers HD images with 36M colors. 

Thus, you will enjoy your cinematic view of your home. Connectivity is no longer a problem, as it allows you to employ multiple connectivity options. You can even pair your set-top box to this Projector directly. 

Its dynamic contrast technology helps in delivering a rich picture quality. Thus, you won’t get disappointed with the colors and picture qualities. With a sealed light engine, it doesn’t require frequent cleaning, and remains dust-free for years. 

Best Projectors for College and School Classroom in India 2021

This projector is uniquely designed for low power consumption, and it won’t produce more e-waste. You can simply connect this projector with USB direct play features. The visuals are also of HD quality to enrich your watching experience. 

It comes with an enhanced cooling system and harmonized frequency speaker. So, the visuals would be more defined with the balanced audio. It is also suitable for pro-level gaming. From TV, laptops to built-in speakers, you can connect everything with this Projector. 

Thus, for a classroom, this projector is most suitable as it can deliver HD images and retains multiple connectivity options. With its maximum lumens and HD images, students will get a clear understanding of that topic. In addition to this, the audio output is better to balance the visual effects. 

It retains a weight of 1 kg. Further, it is also the best projector under 10,000. This is also the best projector for the classroom projector. 

  • Value for money.
  • Its native 720P lumens work well.
  • Decent finishing.
  • Smooth controls.
  • The color and temperature adjustments are working only under the USB mode.
  • Its saturated redness causes reddish shadows.

2. Egate K9 Android LED Projector

Best Projectors For Classroom

This Egate K9 Android LED projector is a versatile projector that can be installed in any place. It comes with an intelligent built-in Android system that has the support of a powerful quadcore processor. 

This projector has a powerful built-in WiFi that helps in connectivity from videos to gaming. It can view about 180 inches of the large display. It provides a perfect balance for ideal lumens that suit well for mini-conference halls and classrooms. The high FPS will deliver a superior and smooth motion of videos. 

Connectivity won’t be an issue as it has multiple connectivity ports and built-in WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity options. It comes with a Native 1280×720 that helps in providing a clear picture level. This K9 Android has Digital Horizontal and vertical keystone corrections. So, it will deliver sharp and clear corners on the videos. It also supports wireless streaming from your handset. 

This projector has better keystone correction settings and clear images at the border. So, students can clearly understand each text on the screen along with bright lumens. The sound output is even better, and it helps the students to listen to the topic.  

K9’s built-in dual speakers will deliver a sound output of 5 W. It comes with an exact weight of 1 kg 800 g. Thus, it is also the best projector for school, as it has several connectivity options and better keystone corrections. 

  • It provides better connectivity on wireless projection.
  • It delivers better and clear images.
  • Better sound output.
  • It doesn’t support MKV files.
  • The keystone adjustments are of medium levels.

3. Egate i9 Pro-Max LED Projector 

Best Projectors For Classroom

This i9 Pro-max LED projector was launched last year with better specs. It holds a better user rating on the inline platforms. It comes with a brilliant 1280×720p HD resolution that provides better image quality. 

Pro-max is capable of producing clear and bright images with the support of 2400 lumens. This projector can provide a large display size of over 150 inches. It utilizes a lifelong LED lamp that delivers a widescreen LED display just like a large LCD. 

You can get the Egate app from the play store that has several tools and rewards for the user. With several connectivity ports and an SD card slot for connectivity, it makes the connectivity simple. Native resolution delivers clear images and it combines with decent audio output. 

It retains a stereo speaker that transmits a 3 W audio output. You can connect everything from the set-top box to your PlayStation. This projector’s topmost operating distance is about 6-feet. It retains a weight of 900 grams. 

This projector has a maximum distance of operation so, you can even place the projector at a certain distance from the screen. The lumens are also average, to deliver a high-quality image. Overall, it is a better option, but you won’t have the keystone corrections here. 

  • It provides bright images.
  • Better picture quality.
  • Nice built quality.
  • Several connectivity options.
  • Not suitable for a bright room.
  • It generates high fan noise.
  • No options for horizontal keystone settings.

4. Everycom X9 Home & Business LED Projector

Best Projectors For Classroom

This Everycom X9 LED Project was launched last year. It comes with a space-saving design with considerable weight. It is capable of viewing a large screen of over 200 inches. 

Native 1280×720p that produces better and clearer images. The lumens intensity is about 6000 lumens. Thus, it will deliver a better and bright image. 

Its vertical keystone technology and long-lasting LED lamp make it one of the best projectors for a classroom. The two stereo built-in speakers deliver an audio output of 5 W. 

This ensures the perfect t audio output with your brilliant visuals. It comes with several ports for connectivity. So, you can connect everything and you can even opt for wireless projection. It can work better at a distance of about 7-feet. This maximum distance and visual effects are better for your classroom. 

With a bright visual and clear audio, it will deliver better visuals and audios for the classroom. Through the keystone correction, the visuals will be always rectangular. So, students will get clear images and can find the texts without much strain. 

The cooling system and mouse suppressing system works well and it will improve the performance of your projector. It retains a weight of 2 kg 600 g. 

  • Brilliant brightness with better picture quality.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Better keystone settings.
  • Noiseless working.
  • The connectivity option doesn’t have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options.
  • It comes with bigger sockets.

5. XElectron C9 LED Projector

Best Projectors For Classroom

This LED projector from XElectron was launched recently and gained better ratings. It can generate a display of 180 inches. 

With an excellent 3800 lumens, it delivers a bright and clear picture. It lets you adjust the keystone settings to get a clear image. You can use its several ports for connectivity. You can connect everything from the set-top box to the PC.

Thus, with a large screen and better image quality, you will get a better visual with perfect brightness. It can install this projector at your home, office and in conference halls. The 4D digital keystone technology helps in getting a rectangular image from any corner of your room. 

It comes with improved technology that extends the life of your LED lamp. With a reduced fan noise and a better cooling system, your projector will work efficiently. You can simply mount this on your ceiling and pods without any trouble. 

This projector comes with maximum lumens that is better for a classroom that has maximum ambient light. So, your students can locate the texts and images even under bright conditions. 

Furthermore, it has speakers that provide the perfect sound for your visual. It moreover favors WiFi and Bluetooth connections for wireless projection. It retains a weight of 1 kg 800 g. 

  • It delivers better quality pictures.
  • It delivers better contrast.
  • The product quality is also good.
  • The borders of the image are blurred.
  • Sound production may be inadequate.

6. Everycom X7 LED Projector 

Best Projectors For Classroom

This Everycom X7 LED projector is a budget projector that has several specs for providing the best picture quality in your budget. It is capable of displaying over a large screen of 120 inches. 

It will deliver brilliant picture quality on both 2D and 3D videos. With a bright picture with 1800 lumens, this technology will deliver a clear and better picture quality. 

It lets you connect everything ranging from your set-top box to mobile devices. X7 projector comes with several connecting ports and wireless projection options. With its better image quality, you can even play games with your projector display. 

It retains a built-in speaker that delivers better audio output. Further, you can also connect your projector to another external speaker through the audio jack support. 

You can give a look at this projector for your classroom as it has better visuals and clear image quality. This projector comes with easy focus and keystone correction settings. Thus, the students will get a crystal clear image quality and can understand their subjects easily. 

It has a long-life lamp so, there is no requirement to renovate the lamp. In addition to this, its cooling g system enhances its working and increases its lifetime. It retains a weight of 1 kg. 

  • Better picture quality.
  • It delivers excellent brightness for pictures.
  • Small and portable.
  • It doesn’t support files on a digital camera.
  • The sound output is not so fair.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.

7. BORSSO Moon LED Projector

Best Projectors For Classroom

This Moon LED projector was launched last year and has decent specifications. It is capable of displaying over a large screen of 200 inches. This projector can deliver a bright picture quality with 3000 lumens. 

It can deliver a high quality and HD image quality over your large screen. You can install this projector in your home, office, and classrooms. 

It has built-in stereo speakers that add a perfect sound to your visuals. You can easily adjust the brightness and zooming of your pictures. This projector has several ports for connectivity. So, you can connect all ranges of devices from a set-top box to a PC. 

With two built-in stereo speakers and a better cooling system, it enhances durability. You can also connect your PlayStation to get an excellent gaming experience. 

With better sound output and high lumens, this would be a perfect fit for your classroom. The large screen view with bright pictures lets the students concentrate more on their subjects. It retains a total weight of 2 kg. 

  • It delivers better picture quality and full HD quality videos.
  • Its sound output is better.
  • Keystone adjustments are not good.
  • It makes more fan noise.
  • This is not recommended for office use.

Selecting The Best Projector For Classroom: Buying Guide

You may get confused about getting the best projector for the classroom, as several projectors are available at an affordable price and with better specifications. Thus, we are here with an answer to your question, how to get the best projectors for a classroom. 

You will get some basic and necessary tools for a projector in this guide. Always remember these mentions before getting a projector for your classroom. 

Lumens Rating 

The level of brightness from a projector is mainly measured in lumens. If the lumens rating is large you will have a bright image. This lumens level is of two types. One is for color brightness and another one is for white brightness. 

However, a brighter image will be specified by the quantity of ambient light in that classroom. So, if you want to get a clear image then go for a projector with a minimum of 2000 lumens. Otherwise, the image and texts won’t be visible clearly in the bright room. 

Interactive options

Smart classes should have an interactive projector. The projector should have touch features or pen interactions if you are browsing for the best projector for school. 

You can control scrolling even without a PC with these interactive projectors. It will be more effective and user-friendly than any other projectors. 

Throw distance levels

For large screens, the projector should be a long throw projector. In this case, in smaller rooms, a short-throw projector is enough. These short throw projectors would eliminate eye glare and shadows. They mostly have a distance of 4 m from the screen. 

Multiple connectivity options

Always get a projector that has multiple connectivity options and multiple connectivity ports. This will be useful in connecting your projector through various gadgets. 

A projector with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity would provide more connectivity options than other wired connectivity options. 

Blackboard mode

With this feature, you can project your video on a wall or blackboard without the need for any electronic whiteboard. It will be more useful for you to use the projector in any place without the need for an electronic whiteboard. If you prefer to buy the best projector for school, it is a must-have feature.

Zoom lens 

A zoom lens is a must-have feature for a classroom projector. This lets you modify the size of the image on the board without any heavy adjustments. 

So, there is no necessity to physically shift the projectors. You can simply adjust the image by adjusting the zoom lens. 

Projector resolution

This projector resolution plays the main role in getting a clear and defined picture. If you want to get HD quality images you have to select a projector that has better resolution. For the best projector for college, the resolution should be maximum. 


It is essential when your classroom size is large and you have more students. Normally, projectors can deliver decent sound output. However, it may not be sufficient for large-sized classes. In that case, you have to get a projector with an audio jack or Bluetooth connectivity support. You should get an excellent audio speaker for the best projector for college. Otherwise, the sound output won’t be sufficient. 

So, you can connect your projector to an external speaker for boosting the existing sound.

Types Of Projectors For Classroom  

Projectors are classified into three main categories depending on their display property. 

  • Cathode Ray Tube projectors.
  • Liquid crystal display projectors.
  • Digital light processing projectors.

We have discussed each type of projector in detail.

Cathode Ray Tube Projector

This Cathode Ray Tube projector is used in the olden days and they are not easily portable. They possess a heavyweight and thus it cannot be transferred easily. 

It works with the help of a cathode ray tube that retains a maximum level of brightness for image processing. They will have three tubes of Red, Green, and Blue. They work together to produce colorful images. 

Liquid Crystal Display Projector

This projector utilizes a liquid crystal to display the videos and images. You may have heard of display panels in computers and laptops. A similar display panel is used in the LCD projector. This LCD is more convenient and has low weight than a CRT projector. 

Digital Light Processing Projector

This projector can be used for both fronts as well as back units. Its chip is constructed of several microscopic mirrors. That works together to produce the output. They produce high definition visuals at faster rates. 

Best Screen For Classroom Projector in India 2021

A good projector can work without an electric screen. However, for smart classes, we have to install an electric screen for better video and text quality. With an electric board, interaction will be more than the normal projectors. 

Here, we have included the three best screens for a classroom projector. 

Top 3 Best Screen For Classroom Projector 

1. Inlight Map Type Projector Screen 

Best Projector Screen For Classroom

This Inlight map is our first choice as it has several features at an affordable price. It is made with high gain fabric and given with a matte finish. This ensures HD picture quality on the screen.

The front part is White and the rear part is Black. Its Black backside prevents light leakage to deliver an enriching video. It can be cleaned with cloth with soap water to extend its durability. 

Its 3K and 4K technology solutions provide full HD images and better video quality. Irrespective of the type of projector, it can work well with better image quality. The double-layer thick film coating on the surface of this screen provides more defined picture quality. 

It retains a weight of 3 kg. This screen can be folded. Thus, it can be unmounted and set aside to save space. For the classroom, you can remove it while using the blackboard and remount it when you are using a projector. 

  • Better quality images.
  • Dual coating film ensures durability.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Foldable design.
  • Compatible with any type of projector.
  • Heavy to carry.
  • No remarkable negatives for this product.

2. QAWACHH foldable Projector Screen

Best Projector Screen For Classroom

This projector screen comes at an affordable price with better quality. So, it is worth in this list of the best screens for a classroom projector. 

The front part is White that reflects all kinds of light falling on it. This projector screen is compatible with all types of a projector. With high-quality material, it displays HD quality images very clearly. 

Its rear side is covered with Black that helps in preventing light leakage. Thus, it will provide bright and enhanced pictures on the front screen. 

You can clear the screen simply with a wet cloth. Its borders are supported with a metallic ring hole. So, you can hang or stabilize it on a straight surface without any difficulties. This projector is also scratch-proof. With an exact weight of 50 grams, it makes the portability simpler. 

  • Better picture quality.
  • Its holes are perfect and easy to hang with hooks.
  • It is made of decent quality.
  • The black frame around the white screen is of average quality.

3. Inlight Ultra HD Projector Screen

Best Projector Screen For Classroom

This projector screen is also from Inlight that has better quality at an affordable package. It is finished with high-quality fabric with a matte finish. 

This is a pull-type wall screen, so you can fold it to save space. This projector screen comes in White with Black borders. It will enhance the picture quality at HD resolution. Like other projector screens, this is also compatible with all types of projectors. 

Inlight screens are equipped with a 3K and 4K ready technology to deliver pictures at high resolution. The screen can be cleaned simply with wet cloth to expand its lifespan. The rear side is Black, and this coating prevents light leakage to provide better image quality. 

  • It delivers high-quality pictures.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • It doesn’t have an auto-lock.

Buying Guide For Selecting The Best Screen For Classroom Projector

Several projectors are available in the market. Getting the best screen for a classroom projector is somewhat a difficult task. This investment should be the best and your selected screen should have better quality. Here is our buying guide that focuses on getting your suitable screen.

Projector screen type 

Usually, a classroom projector screen would be permanently fixed. If you want to retract your screen, you can get an electric projector screen. It will retract and be pushed down with a simple push-button. 

Otherwise, you can go with a manual pulling projector screen. You have to retrace it by rolling it. They manage to be slightly more expensive than the electric projector screen. For a permanent screen, you can get one standard screen with the best quality and fix that in your classroom.

Fabric type of the projector screen

Gain factor plays a major role in determining screen fabric quality. This Gain factor should be 1.0 or slightly greater than this value. If this factor increases, the screen will act as a mirror. So, you won’t get a perfect image on your screen. 

The screen color is also an important factor for getting a better picture quality. A White or Grey screen is desirable for receiving high-quality pictures and videos.

Screen size

Determine the distance of the projector and your screen size. For a classroom, the projector would be ceiling mounted. So, you can go with a standard screen size for getting better picture quality. 

Conclusion: Which are Best Projectors and Projector Screen For Classroom?

Thus, we have provided all the information about a classroom projector. You can get your projector and a projector screen together here, as we have mentioned the best projectors for a classroom and the best screen for a classroom projector. The mentioned projectors are also the best projectors for college. 

You can get EG 6X Native 720P LED Projector if you are searching for a budget projector under 10,000. Otherwise, you can get Egate K9 Android LED Projector, as it comes with maximum features and at affordable price rates. It is also the best price for classroom presentation. 

You can consider buying XElectron C9 LED Projector for a permanent projector, as it has several specifications with negotiable negatives. You can use our buying guide for getting the best projectors for a classroom. 

On the projector screen, you can get Inlight Map Type Projector Screen, as it has no remarkable negatives. It also has an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Classroom Projectors India

If I get a project for the classroom, what should be the lumens ratings?

You can get a projector with a minimum of 2500 lumens for getting a better and brighter picture quality in your classroom. 

What kind of projectors are best for the classroom?

A projector with better brightness and better picture quality would be the best for a classroom. It should have multiple connectivity options too. 

Can I get a better picture quality at cheap projectors?

You may get better picture quality in cheap quality projectors. However, a cheap projector won’t have a better lumen. So, they are only suitable for darkroom use.

Which screen color is utilized for the classroom?

Usually, a White screen is used for classrooms. They have better quality and deliver better image quality. 

Are Grey screens better than White screens?

Yes. Grey screens are much better than White screens as they absorb more ambient light than White. Thus, you will get more defined images even in bright conditions. 

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