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8 Best LED Projectors in India Reviews and Buying Guide 2022(September)

We love watching movies on big screens. Even though we like to watch movies in the theatre, the comfort that we have in our home is different. And, we know that you are confused with so many options,  We are here with the Best LED projectors in India, which makes your home feel like a theatre, and also for your office conferences and outdoor activities.

Best LED Projectors in India 2022

You should always select a projector that meets your needs, so we have included a buying guide, which helps you in choosing the best LED projector for you. First, let’s see the best led projectors that are available in India.

Epson EH-TW 650 home projector

Epson is one of the leading brands, which provides the best LED projectors. This one is the best for offices, educational institutions, and homes because it provides a full HD view with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

It provides quality entertainment and gaming experience for you. It has many connectivities, where it can connect with HDMI,  USB ports, etc.

Best Projectors for College and School Classroom in India 2022

It has split screens, where you can experience two things at a time, which means you can display a presentation on one side and a video on the other.

 It has a free slideshow, which helps in displaying everything on its own once you have downloaded the video or image.


• It provides a brightness of around 3,100 lumens, which is high in quality,

providing a crisp image and also a remote, which is easy to operate.

• They have a 300-inch view, which gives theatre-like experience and, it is easy to use, as it has built-in features like Wi-Fi, keystone correction, etc.

Warranty: 2 years


• It can be used as wireless.

• It has a full HD view, which is very much impressive.

• It is a good one for offices and conferences.


• it has 3300-lumen brightness, which may generate a lot of heat.

• To provide a quality image, it needs an iprojection app.

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BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector

It is the best projector, especially for your home. It has good sound, image features, which is awesome to watch a movie.

 it has a high contrast ratio, which provides a crystal clear image or a video. It is one of the important features of a projector.

It has an eco lamp saving technology, which helps in saving the projectors lamp life. This projector will fit into your budget.

It has a retractable adjustment foot, which helps in enhancing flexibility. The projector automatically turns on when it detects a VGA input signal.

It has a vertical keystone function, which adjusts the images professionally, where there is no chance for badly aligned images.

 It provides a Kensington lock, which gives physical security for the projector, which helps in keeping the projector safe.


• This one comes with the brightness of 3,200 lumens, which is perfect.

• The projector has a lamp life of 10,000 hours long and a contrast ratio of 13000:1.

Warranty: 1 year


• This one has a reasonable price.

• It comes with a lamp life of 10,000 hours.

• It has four different pattern design templates.


• it doesn’t have a USB port to connect with your pen drive.

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Egate I9 LED HD projector

Egate is the first brand to produce digital LED projectors in India. It doesn’t need a computer you can just plugin with your pen drive. This one is best for watching movies and playing games.

There are many pre-designed modes available, and you can customize the color, brightness, and contrast. It has a 3.5mm audio jack. This one is dust and heat-proof.

It has multiple interfaces like USB, HDMI, blueray, setup box, etc.

It is the best budget projector offered in India, which is an advantage.

This projector has a long span of life. It’s a power management system is very good.


• it has a screen revolution of 800 × 480 pixels, and it supports up to 1920 × 1080.

• it has a 120-inch screen and also has a full HD view.

• this projector has a USB port to connect which is easy to play audios, videos, etc.,

Warranty: 1 year


• It has a power management system, which is useful during power cuts.

• It has a high lamp life of 40,000 hours, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

• It doesn’t need your Personal Computer or set-up box.


• It is not good at displaying files with text.

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ViewSonic M1 WVGA Projector

This one is an ultra-portable HD projector, which is absolutely the best fit in any room.

It is designed especially for home also you can use it for office conferences as well. It has a 360-degree pitch.

This one supports mobiles, media players, laptops, PC, USB’s, etc., which is very flexible for you to use.

It has an auto-off feature, which helps the projector in power down when the object is too close to the lens, which protects your projector.

It has the ability to project anywhere and everywhere according to your wish, and it gives you a perfect image at any angle. If you are looking for a projector just for your home, then this is one of the best LED projectors.


• It has an in-built battery of 30,000 hours of the LED light source.

• It weighs less than 2 pounds, which is very easy to carry with you.

• It has dual harman kardon speakers, which give crisp sound, best to watch movies.

• This one has a battery life of up to 6 hours.

Warranty: 2 years


• It has high battery life.

• Easy to operate.

• It has high-quality speaker set up


• It doesn’t have internal storage.

Myra TouYinGer X7 LED Projector

Myra is one of the new brands. It has very good quality. Even though it’s new it is one of the best LED projectors in India. This one is an apt choice for your home.

The price of this product is affordable, which fits in your budget.

It can support 3D projections, for the price you are paying this one is an added advantage.

It provides 16,700 displayable colors and it has many formats for your audio and videos. This projector has an adjustable manual focus. It also provides a manual keystone correction slider. 

It provides connectivity for HDMI, USB, VGA, audio, etc.,

This projector has easy to use buttons on top, which is very helpful. You will get two 3D glasses for free.


• It has a brightness of 1800 lumens.

• Its aspect ratio is 16:9.

• It can support both USB and HDMI ports.

Warranty: 1 year


• It has the most affordable pricing, which fits into your budget.

• It has a 3D projection and you will get free 3D glasses

• It has multimedia connectivity, where you can connect it to any device.


• You can’t use this one for offices or conferences. This one is ideal for your home.

Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector LED LCD

This one comes next on our list. This projector is an ideal one for gaming and outdoor activities, and a good one for home too. 

If you like gaming, and you like doing outdoor activities, then you can go for this projector.

It has the best display and graphic support, which is the best for any activity. Its brightness is the biggest advantage.

It has inbuilt stereo speakers, which gives very good effects for your movie or video presentation etc., 

It has a lamp life of around 30,000 hours, which is huge and gives you long watching hours.

It weighs around 3 kg, which is a bit huge and it has a dimension of 38 × 27 × 16 CM.


• It has a brightness of 3200- lumen, which is what is very important for a good projector.

• The LED lamp life is around 30,000 hours.

• It’s contrast ratio is 3000:1 and resolution is  1280×800 pixel.

Warranty: 1 year


• It has good sound quality, which is very good for outdoor activities.

• The projector lens has 3200- lumen.

• Best projector for playing games and for outdoor activities.


• This projector is a bit heavy to carry as it weighs 3 kg.

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Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

This one is the latest model from the Epson brand and a good choice for outdoor. Other than that, this one is good for office presentations and conferences as well.

It provides crystal clear images and video quality. It has a home section with all the features, which provides all your frequently used features, that helps in quick and easy selection.

It has a horizontal keyword slider. It works best.

This projector has Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n, which means you can get internet access from your mobile phone too, which is very helpful and makes your work easy.

If you are looking for the best LED projector for outdoor activities, then this one is the best for you.

Warranty: 2 years


• It has a lamp life of 10, 000 hours that is great for it’s the price.

• It has a brightness of 3300- lumen with HDMI port.

• This one has a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels.


• This one has a good picture quality.

• 10,000 hours of lamp life.

• you can connect to the internet through your mobile WiFi, which is awesome. It has two years of warranty


• you can’t view your mobile content on the screen.

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Egate I9 LED android WiFi projector

This one is an Indian brand, and it is an ISO certified brand. This projector helps in making a beautiful theatre kind of feeling in your home.

It has very good brightness and a contrast ratio, which makes your image crystal clear and crisp.

This projector has predesigned pictures and movie modes, which gives you more options while watching.

It has the ability to customize the contrast, brightness, and modes to get a very good clarity of your image or video.

This projector has a zooming feature, which helps you in zooming according to your need.

It works well on most of the android devices well, and it connects wirelessly.

And it buffers less and provides very good quality. It comes along with a remote.

It has a facility of screen mirroring.


This projector has an android 4, quad-core, wifi, and 8 GB ROM.

• It is a full HD projector with a resolution of 1080p.

• It has a long LED lamp life of 30,000 hours long, which is very good.

• It has a universal screen.

• It’s connecting type is WiFi.


• It has the highest lamp life of 30,000 hours.

• It is very easy to carry outdoors.

• This projector is dustproof and heatproof.


• It doesn’t have an auto power mode.

Now let’s, just move to the factors that you should know before you invest in a projector

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Best LED Projectors Buying Guide:

There are many options in the market, but before investing in a projector, you should know the following things.


The brightness of the projector is important. Out of all the features, you have to check whether the projector has good brightness.

The projector should have a high brightness during the day. Always look for a high brightness feature in the projector.

Even if you feel it’s too bright, you can reduce it.

Its brightness is always measured in lumens, as we have mentioned in the features above.


Resolution means the number of pixels the video or the image has. if there are more pixels, then the resolution has to be high. Choose a projector with high resolution.

And, it connects with your video, so if you have more resolution, then it is better.

If you are watching a video that has more pixels, then the projectors with high-resolution works better.

In the features above, we have mentioned it in numbers like (800 × 480).

Contrast Ratio:

The projector, which has a high contrast ratio shows, even minute detail. If there is a high contrast ratio, then it has more details.

So the contrast ratio always depends upon the individual. You have to decide whether you need a high ratio or low according to your preference.

In the features, we have mentioned it as ratios like 10000:1.

Size of the projector:

There are many types and varieties of projectors available in India. It depends upon your screen. So always measure and then go for it.


Just like brightness, audio is also important, so some projectors have inbuilt speakers and provide sound.

But, always prefer projectors that have an audio set of 5.1.

Price and Warranty:

The price of the product should be in your budget.

The warranty should be a maximum of 2 years.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question) For Best Led Projectors

Which is the best LED or LCD projector?

LED is better than LCD because LED provides sharper and brighter visuals, and LED has a longer span of life compared to LCD. It is best to invest in a LED.

After taking into consideration all the things mentioned above, we hope you got an idea of the Best LED projectors in India.

After reading all the projector’s specifications and benefits, buy a projector that suits your budget and comfort.

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